This Week in the Games Industry: 3/25/2019 – 3/31/2019

Nintendo to unveil two Switch models this summer, The Wall Street Journal reports
I wonder how Nintendo will handle making it clear which games run on which versions of Switch.

Sweeney commits to human moderators & quality filters for Epic’s Games Store
Let’s put that Fortnite money to good use!

EA Lays Off 350 People In Marketing, Publishing, And More
Time to reset the ol’ “It’s been XX days since the last massive games industry layoff” sign. Sheesh.

Electronic Arts closes Japan office as part of mass layoffs
EA layoffs claim entire offices in Japan and Russia.

Judgement sales surge following voice actor drug charge controversy
And thus a minor collector’s item was born.

Kaz Hirai retires as Sony board chairman
This year seems to be all about a changing of the guard.

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