This Week in the Games Industry: 4/8/2019 – 4/14/2019

Report: Activision Blizzard Wants To Know How Its Employees’ Pregnancies Are Going.
Fine, thank you. Also, buzz off! That’s none of your business.

YouTube creating interactive narratives
Choose your own adventure. Spoilers: We all die at the end.

Survey: More teenagers are getting into video games because of Fortnite
At last, video games have finally found a way to reach the teenage demographic! Hey, wait a minute…

CNBC: Nintendo’s big switch: Mario is finally going mobile, but the console king faces tough competition
Some mobile-centric analysts may see Nintendo as leaving F2P money on the table. Nintendo may be looking at burning out mobile customers with aggressive monetization as a non-viable long-term strategy.

Xbox: Stadia has the infrastructure, but doesn’t have the content
Content is king. I think Google thinks they get it, but I’m not sure they get it get it.

In lieu of Store-hosted forums, Epic wants devs to link to external communities
Yeah, just link to Steam’s forums.

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