This Week in the Games Industry: 2/11/2019 – 2/17/2019

E3 has lost its impact in a changing industry, says Sony’s Shawn Layden “War has changed,” says Solid Snake; “The games industry has changed,” says Sony. Activision Blizzard Lays Off Hundreds Of Employees From rumor to reality. Ick. King’s San Francisco studio closed in wake of Activision Blizzard layoffs Not sweet. Apex […]

This Week in the Games Industry: 2/4/2019 – 2/10/2019

Tomb Raider and Just Cause fail to offset wider declines at Square Enix Slim year at Square-Enix. Let’s hope Kingdom Hearts III pulls the numbers they need. Zynga “turnaround now complete” as dev posts record mobile performance for 2018 Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational mobile game developer. Microsoft […]

This Week in the Games Industry: 1/28/2019 – 2/3/2019

Tencent uses model’s likeness for Ring of Elysium without permission one is pretty blatant. If they led with the in-game 3D model maybe they’d have a counter argument, but the character portrait is a straight-up photoshop job on one of the model’s images. Metro Exodus for PC skipping Steam for Epic Games store continues to […]

This Week in the Games Industry: 1/21/2019 – 1/27/2019

Adobe acquires Substance toolkit creator Allegorithmic The big question is: does this mean I will be paying more or less for my suite of game dev tools? Square Enix trademarks terms for Octopath Traveler’s visual style At least it’s not a trademark on “Edge” for characterization of RPG protagonists. So You Want To […]