Recursively Erasing Thumbs.db from your Game Resources

Despite our best efforts, Thumbs.db (a hidden file that Windows uses to store Explorer thumbnails for all the images in a folder) often manages to sneak its way into game data folders. At least, that has been the case for me while putting together build scripts for Ookibloks.

Before potentially releasing a build with one or more Thumbs.db hiding in the game’s data, I’ve found it useful┬áto scrub out all the Thumbs.db files from my game data with a console command like this one:
del /s /A:H resource\Thumbs.db

This command recursively deletes all the Thumbs.db files in my resource folder. In case you’re wondering, the “/s” causes the delete command to work across all matching files in subdirectories. The “/A:H” looks for files with the hidden attribute, like Thumbs.db.

By putting this command into my build preparation batch files, I no longer have to worry about stray Thumbs.db files making their way out to my players.

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