This Week in the Games Industry: 3/11/2019 – 3/17/2019

After Cocaine Arrest, Sega Halts Sales of Game
Is this the point where we air a commercial with a close-up on a frying egg and an announcer saying: “This is your game on drugs”?

App Annie: Tencent retains spot as top revenue-earning publisher for third year
Welcome to the surprisingly stable top grosser lists of mobile publishers.

When good monetization meets bad ethics
Super tricky conversation here. “Good” is a vague term and “know it when I see it” isn’t a useful definition when legislators come a-knocking.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery grosses $110m in first year
It’s amazing how profitable strangling children can be.

Valve doesn’t sound too happy about the Epic Store copying Steam data
Tread carefully. It’s not immediately obvious, but we’re talking about who owns a particular file on players’ computer.

Axiom Verge Developer And Distributor Say Its Publisher Owes Them Over $250,000
It’s a bad sign when a publisher asks you to front them cash to print your game.

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