This Week in the Games Industry: 3/18/2019 – 3/24/2019

Four Indian cities ban PUBG Mobile
At least 10 people arrested for playing PUBG Mobile. And you thought YOUR parents were strict.

‘No console required’: Google unveils streaming game platform, ‘Stadia’
This is either the start of something huge or a whole lot of nothing.

Unions Stole The Show At Last Night’s GDC Awards.
I feel like we’ve been at this crossroads before, but I hope the conversation continues.

Epic Games Store is making the industry better but “gamers don’t see that”
The precept of competition being good for the consumer running face-first into console war tribalism.

SuperData: Apex Legends’ $92m launch month the best ever for a free-to-play game
Apex Legends’ $92 million is one takeaway, but my first thought was: “Wait a minute, Dungeon Fighter Online outgrossed Leauge of Legends? How long has that been going on?”

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