Homebrew Retro

Skyboy Games makes new games for old consoles, like the Nintendo Entertainment System. Check out some of Skyboy Games’ original homebrew retrogames below.

Gunhawk Gameplay: Player fighting Dragonship Boss

Gunhawk (NES)

Gunhawk is lightgun game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System that can be played with either the NES Zapper or a standard NES controller.

In Gunhawk, you will control the eponymous mech as you shoot your way through 5 multi-stage sectors to escape the enemy base. Between levels, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the Gunhawk’s capabilities and become more powerful. 

As you clear each sector, the story of the game will unfold through dialogue cutscenes. Optional events give you a chance to tap into enemy communications for additional upgrades, but this will not be without risk.

Download the NES ROM on itch.io.


Step into the boots of the brave members of the FIRE AND RESCUE team. 

Fires have broken out all over the city and YOU (and maybe a friend) are the only one(s) who can save the city from being reduced to ashes! 

Use your portable water tank to extinguish raging fires and carry innocent civilians to safety. 

Play by yourself or simultaneously with a friend to see who is the best fire-fighter in FIRE AND RESCUE!

Download the NES ROM on itch.io.

UPDATE: Fire and Rescue is coming to Steam!

Orphea (NES)

Orphea is a short NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) shooter built for Lost Cartridge Jam 2020. It is a designed to be reminiscent of early NES ports of arcade games. Many ports of that era were non-traditional in that they added more non-linear elements to the straight-forward design of their arcade originals.

Download the NES ROM on itch.io.